The 5 Best Lash Glues for Eyelash Extensions: Rated and Reviewed

Do you want great eyelash extensions? Are you a DIY lash extensionista? You need the best lash glue for great lashes. Find more info now!

Girl using Best Eyelash Extension Glue
Girl using Best Eyelash Extension Glue

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If you're like most women, you love wearing eyelash extensions. They make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and they can enhance your overall look. But if you've ever worn them before, you know that the process can be a little bit tricky. One of the most important aspects of wearing lash extensions is using good eyelash extension glue.

Not all glues are created equal - some are more irritating than others, and some don't hold lashes in place very well. In this guide, we will discuss the 6 best lash types of glue on the market right now. We'll tell you what to look for when choosing lash glue, and we'll give you our honest opinions on each one!

How We Choose

Have you looked for the best lash glue for your lash extensions only to be more confused by the number of products available to choose from? Have you stopped your search feeling confused? We got you!

We’ve read through thousands of online reviews to find the 5 best eyelash extension glue for your gorgeous eyelash extensions. We know how important it is for you to find a product that works, so we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best products that are most effective.

These top picks have been taken from thousands of Amazon verified customer reviews to give you the most popular brands and products to choose from. Read along to find out what makes these favorite eyelash extension glue products so unique.

You won’t want to miss out on these amazing deals!

Follow along and find your next lash glue today to keep your beautiful lashes looking on point!

KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive

Best Strip Adhesive

Kiss Strip Adhesive

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Why We Love It

Do you wear eyelash strips? Are you looking for the best lash extension adhesives for your strips that are both strong and gentle?

Look no further than the Kiss strip lash extension adhesive!

An Amazon bestseller, this formaldehyde- and latex-free glue will hold your lashes in place all day, while the brush applicator provides a thin, precise glue line.

Plus, this lash extension adhesive is enriched with aloe to keep your lashes healthy and looking their best.

What You Should Know

Tired of your lashes falling flat? Say goodbye to those flimsy falsies and give them a boost with kiss strip eyelash adhesive.

This game-changing product makes it easy to get a perfect application every time. The easy applicator strip allows for a mess-free, flawless application with a specially formulated adhesive that delivers long-lasting lash wear.

So go ahead and rock those dramatic lashes all night long!

Best Glue for Beginners

LashView Individual Lash Glue

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Why We Love It

Lashview's Individual Cluster Eyelash Glue is perfect for those Sensitive Souls who want to get involved in the world of DIY eyelash extensions!

Their sensitive eyelash extension glues have a low-irritating, suitable for those with sensitive eyes and skin, and our glue dries up in 3-5 seconds with an ultimate retention time of 2-3 weeks! So you can trust that your mink lash extensions will look bold & beautiful for all your future events.

What You Should Know

Looking for a top-quality eyelash extension glue that will help you achieve beautiful, long-lasting results? Look no further than LASHVIEW Individual Cluster Lash Glue!

Lashview lash glue is carefully packaged in a special sealed container with silica gel and a red glue needle inside, to ensure maximum freshness before it's opened.

Plus, the lash adhesives are easy to use and provide a long-lasting hold, so you can enjoy your fabulous lashes all day long!

And if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee - no questions asked!

So why wait? Click the button now for the best pricing today and try the best eyelash extension glue on the market!

Best for Sensitive

MELLUCCI DIY Sensitive Lash Extension Glue

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Why We Love It

Looking for an eyelash extension glue that is perfect for self-application and sensitive skin? Look no further than MELLUCCI DIY Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue! This glue is specially designed for those who want to do their lash extensions at home and is perfect for beginners. It is also latex-free and formaldehyde-free, making it safe for those with sensitive eyes. So if you're looking for an the perfect glue that is easy to use, gentle on the eyes, and won't break the bank, try MELLUCCI DIY Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue today!

What You Should Know

Long retention and customer first are Melucci brand priorities! Their eyelash extension glue dries in 2 seconds and can hold your lashes for about 2 weeks. Most lash extension glues take longer to set up so this is a perfect fast-drying glue for beginners.

Their glue provides a quick drying time with maximum retention for results that makes your lash extensions bond properly. And they are more convenient and effective for self application.

Service and quality always come first! Please read the instructions before use. And your invited to contact them anytime if any questions or problems arise.

This semi-permanent, eyelash extension glues offer thin consistency for better results.

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Best for Cluster Lashes

CALAILIS Cluster Lash Glue

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Why We Love It

Need a cluster lash glue that is safe for even sensitive eyes? Look no further than CALAILIS! Our glue is alcohol-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and BPA-free. Plus, it's cruelty-free and vegan, making it gentle on your skin. Your natural lash will thank you for using this gentle formula!

The upgraded brush head applies the perfect amount of glue to your natural lashes, without clumping. And the quick-drying formula dries black for an even more natural look.

So go ahead and DIY those eyelash extensions - CALAILIS has got you covered!

What You Should Know

This DIY lash extension glue is waterproof and sweat-proof, stronger, and durable. This helps individual cluster lashes last for 48 hours and avoids the embarrassment of false eyelashes falling off.

An easy-to-use formula; simply brush a thin layer of glue under your natural lashes, then use the lash applicator to pick up clusters and gently place them under the roots of your natural eyelash.

Please note: oil-based makeup remover is the key to removing all glue without damaging your lashes!

Calailis is a great choice for those looking for long-lasting, durable lash extension glues that can be done at home without the need of professional lash artists.

Professional Formula

Lankiz Professional Formula

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Why We Love It

If you happen to be a professional lash artist and you are looking for a powerful and long-lasting lash glue that will help you achieve perfect eyelash extensions at home?

If so, look no further than LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Glue. This professional-grade lash glue is specially formulated to provide a stronghold and quick drying for your eyelash extension.

Unlike other lash glues on the market, LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Glue is alcohol-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and BPA-free. It is also cruelty-free and vegan, making it safe for even sensitive eyes.

Plus, the upgraded brush head applies just the right amount of glue to your lashes for an undetectable and natural-looking finish.

What You Should Know

LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Glue is one of the strongest and most durable lash glues on the market and is designed with professional lash artists in mind.

This professional grade glue is made for professional use only and should only be used by those with professional eyelash experience in applying eyelash extensions.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you try another lash glue on our list before attempting to use this one.

LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Glue is not for the faint of heart - but if you're looking for a powerful , and long-lasting retention period for lash glue, it's the perfect choice for you.

DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive with Vitamins A, C & E

Best Conditioning 

DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive with Vitamins A, C & E

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Why We Love It

Looking for the perfect lash adhesive that will hold your falsies in place all day and night? Look no further than DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive with Vitamins A, C & E!

This hypoallergenic and fast-drying adhesive dries clear, is undetectable, and is waterproof. It's super easy to remove without damaging your natural lashes or irritating your eyes.

It's no wonder why pros and lash lovers alike have made DUO the best-selling adhesive in the world for over 60 years! Plus, this lash glue is enriched with vitamins A, C, and E to nourish your lashes and keep them looking healthy and beautiful. So don't wait any longer, give DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive

What You Should Know

Want to know the secret to perfect eye makeup? It's all in the duo! This lash adhesive is specially formulated with vitamins A, C & E to give you long-lasting, beautiful lashes that are gentle on your eyes.

The waterproof formula ensures that your falsies will stay in place all day, and the clear glue blend makes for a natural look that even top lash artists vie for.  Perfect for any occasion this best eyelash glue will soon become one of your favorites too!

So ditch the mess and use this duo glue for a no-mess application that will keep your lashes looking fresh and fabulous all day long!

Best Lash Glue for Eyelash Extensions FAQ

We have read through thousands of online reviews to provide you with the 5 best glues for your eyelash extensions!

We know how important your lashes are so we've put together this guide to help you find the best products that are most effective for great lashes.

These top picks have been compiled from thousands of Amazon verified customer reviews to give you the most popular brands and products to choose from. Read along to find out what makes these products so unique.

You will love our list of top 5 lash glue for lash extensions because they are all amazing at creating beautiful lashes! Find the perfect product for your lash needs and start seeing results in no time.

Click the buttons on any of the items you are interested in the find the best Amazon pricing today!

Follow along with our most frequently asked questions section and learn even more about what makes a great lash glue and how o better use it.

Watch this tutorial for more information!

Melucci Lash Glue

1. What kind of glue is best to use for DIY lashes?

There are many kinds of glues to use for lashes. Some considerations to think about are your experience level of application, if you have sensitive eyes, the type of glue or adhesive that works with your core values- (there are newer eco friendly products available), and what type of lashes you will be using, (different kinds of lashes require different types of glue).

We recommend when you are just starting out to look for products designated as good beginner products. These are generally safer and less toxic to work with. Many videos can instruct you on the specifics of applications. Often times the eyelash glue manufacturer will offer one with the eyelash extension glues you purchase.

We recommend always performing a patch test to ensure you have no allergic reactions or negative reactions prior to a full application.

We don't recommend using professional classified products unless you have been trained as you can cause damage to your eye or skin around your eye if not properly trained. Professional glues have a high concentration of chemicals and some can be very irritating and even toxic if not used correctly.

However, DIY glues created for consumer use are generally safer. Please read all instructions before beginning. If in doubt watch some videos to direct you before beginning your application.

Good luck!

2. What are the pros and cons of different glues?

There are a lot of different lash glues on the market, and each one has its own set of pros and cons. Some glues are more durable than others, some are easier to remove, and some have less of a tendency to cause irritations.

Reading through the information of the product you are interested is the first step.

Always check the ingredients list in case you have any known allergies prior to your application to avoid any allergic reactions.

3. How do you choose the right glue for your needs?

When looking for the best lash glue, it's important to consider what type of lashes you're using and what type of material they are made from. Some glues are better for natural hair while others are designed for synthetic hair.

In addition, some glues work better with water-resistant or waterproof mascara while others will work with any type of mascara. It's also important to consider the strength of the adhesive. Some glues are very strong and can last up to a week or longer, while others may only last a day or two.

Finally, consider the price and how long the adhesive will last. The most expensive glues aren't always the best, but they do tend to have a longer shelf life than cheaper alternatives.

4. How do you apply lash glue correctly?

Here are some tips on how to apply lash glue correctly:

1. Before applying the glue, make sure your lashes are free of any oil or cream products. This will help the glue to adhere better.

2. Use a mirror and place the strip of lashes close to your lash line. Then, draw a line of dot-like adhesive along your lashline. Be careful not to put too much, you don't want the glue to ooze out once you place the strip on top of it!

3. Wait for 20-30 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky before placing the falsies on top of it. This will keep the strip in place and prevent it from sliding around.

  1. Be prepared in advance by purchasing an eye wash just in case you do have any kind of reaction. Having one on hand for an emergency is a sound practice and should help ease your mind if your nervous about the application process.

Gently press down on the strip for a few seconds to make sure it's stuck on well. And that's it! You're now ready to rock your fabulous lashes.

Now that you know everything there is to know about lash glues, it's time to put your knowledge to the test!

Best Lash Glues for Eyelash Extensions

Thank you for taking the time to ready this guide. We hope  you have found some valuable and helpful information to find your next best eyelash extension glue.

We reviewed thousands of customer reviews to determine the best lash extension glue. We hope the information and tips we've provided will give you enough information to make the best choice in finding the right product for you. Check out another article for best shampoo and conditioners.

For the best Amazon pricing simply click on the button of the items you are interested in. Thanks for reading!

Happy lashes!

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